Cacti Graph no data randomly for some graphs


Cacti Blank


Data Collector reachs max run time (polling interval). Remaining SNMP data will not be collected.


1. Use spine instead of cmd.php

2. Increase "Processes" and "Threads" setting under "Data Collection" --> "Data Collectors"

Recommend Setting for

"Processes" = 2 * no. Of Cores available

"Threads" = 10 - 15


Basic ToR Switch configuration for EX2200/EX3200 Switch

  1. Set Root password
    set system root-authentication plain-text-password


  2. Set Hostname, Timezone, nameserver, NTP
    set system host-name switch01
    set system time-zone Asia/Hong_Kong
    set system name-server
    set system ntp


  3. Enable SSH
    set system services ssh root-login allow
    set system services ssh protocol-version v2
    set system services ssh connection-limit 10
    set system services ssh rate-limit 20