Using service RPM ping probe to detect link congestion

In Junos, we can use RPM (real-time performance monitoring) to monitor link quality.

1. give a name to the ping probe and test name

edit services rpm probe ping-probe test test-ping


2. set probe type

set probe-type icmp-ping


3. set probe count for each test and interval between each ping (in second)

set probe-count 10
set probe-interval 1

4. set source and target address (must be the interconnect IPs if you want to detect link quality)


Setting Up VLAN for ToR Switch (Junos)

1. Set up all VLANs and assign VLAN to access port

set vlan VLAN01 vlaid-id 1000
set vlan VLAN01 interface ge-0/0/0

2. Set the Trunk Port

set interfaces ge-0/1/3 unit 0 family ethernet-switching port-mode trunk
set interfaces ge-0/1/3 unit 0 family ethernet-switching vlan member [ VLAN01 VLAN02 VLAN03 ]

3. Add a description to each ports

set interface ge-0/0/0 description "Server Name A"
set interface ge-0/0/1 description "Server Name B"

4. Set the port speed and duplex mode

Basic ToR Switch configuration for EX2200/EX3200 Switch

  1. Set Root password
    set system root-authentication plain-text-password


  2. Set Hostname, Timezone, nameserver, NTP
    set system host-name switch01
    set system time-zone Asia/Hong_Kong
    set system name-server
    set system ntp


  3. Enable SSH
    set system services ssh root-login allow
    set system services ssh protocol-version v2
    set system services ssh connection-limit 10
    set system services ssh rate-limit 20