Drupal Update with Drush

1. cd to Drupal installation Directory

2. Backup Drupal

drush archive-dump

3. Check Drupal Update and get the list of modules that have update

drush ups

4. Set Drupal Website to maintenance mode

drush sset system.maintenance_mode 1

5. Clear Drupal Cache

drush cr

6. Update Drupal and press "Y" when asked

drush up drupal

7. Update Drupal Database


Running Custom php script within Drupal Directory

By default, Drupal will not allow running of any other PHP scripts within Drupal directory. It will return "403 Forbidden", if anybody trying to access the PHP scripts.

To by pass this constraint, we will need to add 2 lines in .htaccess. .htaccess is in Drupal root directory.

1. Open .htaccess with a text editor

2. Find the section below:


Cacti Graph no data randomly for some graphs


Cacti Blank


Data Collector reachs max run time (polling interval). Remaining SNMP data will not be collected.


1. Use spine instead of cmd.php

2. Increase "Processes" and "Threads" setting under "Data Collection" --> "Data Collectors"

Recommend Setting for

"Processes" = 2 * no. Of Cores available

"Threads" = 10 - 15