FreeRadius enable Virtual site with SQL

Last modified by Yu Pang Law on 2022/12/14 10:13

  1. Create MySQL/ Postgresql Database and user
  2. import FreeRadius database schema in
  3. edit sql configuration file and fill in database details

     server = "hostname-here"
     port = 3306
     login = "database-login-here"
     password = "password-here"
     radius_db = "database-name-here"
  4. if more than one database (for different application), copy the whole section, add an instance name and change the database details:
    sql {
    sql instance1 {
  5. copy "default" configuration file to "virtual1" (or any name)
  6. Edit "virtual1" file. and make the following changes
    1. Change the virtual site name:
      server default {
      server virtual1 {
    2. Change the port number
      port = 55555
    3. enable sql,
      find the following line
      #      sql
      and change to
      "instance1" is the sql instance name added in step 4
  7. Add a client for this virtual host
    client your-device {
           ipaddr =
           secret = secretPhrase
           virtual_server = virtual1

    your-device is profile name

ipaddr is IP address (or IP address range) for your device(s). If more than 1, need to use "|" to separate
secret is the passphrase to use the radius service
virtual_server is the virtual site name used in step 5.

  1. add user into the database
    insert into radusergroup (username, groupname, priority) VALUES ('username','groupname', 1);
    insert into radcheck (username, attribute, op, value) VALUES ('username', 'Cleartext-Password', ':=', 'password');
    9. Restart radiusd
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